Slot Machines

How to Play

Slot machines are often known as ‘fruit machines’ or just ‘slots’. They come in many different varieties, shapes and colours, but they all have one thing in common; they’re easy to play and lots of fun!

Aspers Stratford offers the best slots and electronic gaming experience in London. We have the biggest progressive in the UK, with more machines linked to one jackpot than any other UK casino.

How to Play

  • Select the slot machine you would like to play, take a seat and then use the touchscreen to choose which game you wish to play.
  • If you see an ‘I’ or an information symbol displayed on the screen, simply touch this part of the screen and information for the game will appear.
  • Insert either a £5, £10, £20 or £50 note into the note acceptor. Alternatively purchase a ticket from our Cash Desk.
  • To start the game, simply press the transfer button to move money into the credit metre
  • Winnings can be collected by pressing the ‘cash’ or ‘payout’ button or transferred into credits by pressing the ‘transfer’ button
Who pays my winnings?

You can choose to take your cash at any time or you can allow it to build up until you have finished playing on the machine. When you want to take your cash, press the ‘cash’ or ‘payout’ button. A receipt or ticket will be produced for all credit/winnings. Values up to £500 can be exchanged for cash using one of the ticket redemption terminals, or played on another Slot machine. Winnings over £200 can be exchanged for cash at the Cash Desk.