How to play

Spread-Bet Roulette

The aim of the Spread-Bet Roulette side bet is to correctly guess the winning total of two numbers, one being the winning number on the table and the other being a random number from a computer generated wheel. There are 7 Spread-Bet wager options, each covering a different set of total numbers and each paying different odds, for you to bet on.

Place your bets on any number of the 7 Spread-Bet wager options, each option covers a different range of totals and is colour coded for easy identification.

Spread-Bet Range Colour
0 – 1 Green
2 - 4 Yellow
5 - 28 Purple
29 - 47 Red
48 - 67 Orange
68 - 70 Pink
71 – 72 Blue

When the dealer spins the ball the winning number display on each table will show two wheels –

The outside wheel is a representation of the roulette wheel that is on the table, with 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers, a green 0.

The inside wheel is a representation of a computer generated wheel, with exactly the same numbers as the table roulette wheel in exactly the same order, all numbers are a gold colour.

These wheels will start to spin, in opposite directions. When the ball begins to slow down the display will briefly change to show “No more Spread-Bets” and then change back to show both wheels which will stop and align with each other so that each number on the outside wheel corresponds to a number on the inside wheel. The centre of the wheel will cycle through each of the colours until a winning number is decided.

The display will show the winning number for the table as usual as well as the total of the winning numbers from both the outside and inside wheels.

This total will be displayed against the background colour of the corresponding spread-bet.

The dealer will clear all the losing bets, leaving behind any winning bets which will then be paid at the following odds.

Spread-bet Range Odds House Edge
0 - 1 400-1 12.1%
2 - 4 100-1 11.5%
5 - 28 2-1 8%
29 - 47 1-1 11%
48 - 67 3-1 9.4%
68 - 70 100-1 11.5%
71 - 72 400-1 12.1%

In the event of a malfunction of the table display during a spin only the Spread-Bets will become void.