How to Play

Will you choose red or black? Place your bets on a single number or a combination? Will you play odds or evens? Watch as the dealer calls “Place your bets!” then spins the ball in the wheel in this thrilling casino game of chance.

How to Play

  • Buy your chips at the table and you will be given your own colour. These ‘colour’ chips only have value at this table and must be exchanged for cash chips before you leave the table.
  • Place your chips on the number or number combinations you think will be lucky.
  • The Dealer will help you place your bets if you require assistance, but it is your responsibility to make sure that the bets are placed correctly.
  • The Dealer spins the ball. You may continue to place bets until the Dealer announces that no more bets may be placed.
  • The Dealer clears the table, leaving all the winning bets and then pays them accordingly.
House Edge

Even Chance bet 1.35%
If zero is the winning number even chance bets retain half the stake.
Bets on the layout 2.70%
Double Zero Roulette* - for every bet 5.26%
*If zero or double zero is the winning number all outside bets lose.

Jackpot Roulette

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