Super Wheel

How to Play

This vibrant and fun game is simplicity itself, providing yet another enjoyable dimension to Aspers already diverse spectrum of gaming facilities. The Super Wheel is played on a circular wheel and consists of 52 equal compartments (or segments), each marked with seven different colours.

How to Play

  • Cash chips can be purchased from the Aspers Dealer. Once you have your chips, you can place a wager (bet) on the table positioned in front of the wheel, choosing any colour(s) that you think may win on the next spin.
  • The dealer calls “No more bets” and spins the wheel. No bets will be accepted once the Super Wheel has been spun.
  • When the wheel has finished spinning and lands on one of the colours, the Dealer announces the winning result. The dealer will remove all losing bets and all winning bets are paid at the odds displayed.
House Edge

1 Segment (white and black) - 19.3%
2 Segment (burgundy) symbols - 19.23%
4 Segment (red) - 15.38%
8,12 and 24 Segment (blue, teal green and orange) - 7.69%

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