Casino War

How to Play

Casino War is one of the easiest games to learn, but great fun to play.

How to Play

  • Players purchase tokens from the table.
  • Bets may be placed on a box (to beat the dealer) and on the tie strip (to match the dealer). Players can place multiple bets.
  • Each box, or betting area for tie bets, will be dealt one card. The Dealer will then deal themselves one card face up.
  • If a Player has a card with a higher value than the Dealer then they will win even money. If the Dealer has a higher card value than the player then the player will lose their stake.
  • If the Dealer and the Player have cards of the same value then one of the following options must happen:
    • A. The Player must ‘Go to War’ and place an additional bet equal to their original wager.
    • B. The Player must ‘Surrender’ and lose half the value of their original wager.

If the Player opt to ‘Go to War’ they will be dealt a second card face up, then the Dealer will deal themselves a second card face up.

If the Player’s second card is of a higher or equal value to the Dealer’s second card they will win even money on the ‘Go to War’ wager only.

If it is of a lower value they will lose both the ‘Go to War’ wager and the original wager.

House Edge

Main game 2.33%
Tie bet 18.65%

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